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Founded in 2000, Silicon Pastures is one of Wisconsin’s oldest and most active angel investment networks. Our group consists of smart people who enjoy coming together on a regular basis to network, talk about companies, share due diligence, and share our expertise with entrepreneurs. We provide value to entrepreneurs by providing them with a structured forum where they are required to craft a cohesive story, get their ducks in a row, and make a firm commitment to hitting certain milestones by certain dates.

Our question-and-answer format encourages entrepreneurs to admit what they know and what they don’t know, and to prepare themselves for answering challenging questions. Some of the companies we have invested in during the past couple of years have included:

We are involved

Our group has done best on those deals where we have worked more closely with one another and with the entrepreneurs.  We have done the best when we have obtained a board seat, gotten involved — and stayed involved — throughout the life of the company, and helped craft a lucrative exit. Since we all have the ability to write our own checks directly to a company, or to pass on any given deal, it is hard to know exactly how the individual members of our group have done over time.  We are aware of these hits:

Investment criteria

We prefer to invest in companies that use technology to solve problems — and we love it when these problems are related to energy and water.  We favor companies that use technology to organize, optimize, and accelerate business processes, or that save time, save money, or save lives.  We like to support entrepreneurs who practice frugality and self-regulation, and who make us proud to be Midwesterners.  With that said, every now and again we throw caution to the wind and make an investment in something that doesn’t exactly match the above criteria, but seems like a really good deal anyway.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we prefer to invest in companies that are located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and the Dakotas.


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